“I was raised around heterosexuals, as all heterosexuals are, that’s where us gay people come from… you heterosexuals.” ~Ellen DeGeneres

QUESTION: What social problem would you solve through the use of technology if you knew how?


Through the use of technology, I would solve the social issue of the legalization of same sex marriage. It seems that this injustice goes far beyond measure as it negates the 14th amendment of the United States Constitution which states citizenship rights and equal protection of the laws for the US citizens (established after slavery was abolished). Both individuals work, pay taxes, pay bills, contribute to society, why wouldn’t they have the right to make a statement as a couple to “marry” each other? The promise of marriage is to officially tie the knot to someone you love, and begin a new chapter of forever after. If you would like to see the current division of opinions regarding this social issue please feel free to follow this link before you read on: https://www.isidewith.com/poll/965633.

If we break down the facts of this problematic: many frown upon same sex marriage because it involves two people of a homosexual orientation making a lifelong promise, which may go against previous religious beliefs that in the beginning there was Adam and Eve, and a couple should be man and wife as the goal is to procreate. However, there is no difference between straight and gay (homosexual vs heterosexual), which leads to the question: WHY are they being treated so differently if they are essentially both human beings, aka the same species? Why are there categories of “sexual preference” and “attraction”; why not simply call it “love”. Dividing people because of their sexual orientation is an irrational sequence of thinking. Furthermore, the decision regarding a chosen life partner is an individual one to be made; it should not require social consent.

loveThis is why I suggest that technology be used to alleviate the “taboo image” behind homosexuality with simple solutions. First, the internet would be made accessible to all countries in order to spread the word that in our time and age, homosexuality is not to be hidden, is nothing to be ashamed of, and that it is high time for all to come out. Then, I would use the latest media equipment to direct and produce new movies that has both heterosexual and homosexual main characters; in equal amounts.

Third, I would share these videos for free through the internet shared to all countries, in order to alleviate the idea that homosexuality is some sort of special and different “taste”: it is not. It is beautiful, just like heterosexuals or any sexuality; it is simply love. Fourth, I would create a special fund and get donations in order to purchase the latest technological equipment such as televisions, smart phones, smart tablets, and more. These would get shipped all over the world, to all countries, and they would be placed in protected centers (almost like a museum of sexual orientation) where the general public may come and view the information for free.

Finally, by increasing the visibility and accessibility of the notion of homosexuality via the latest technological tools such as media, filming gear, televisions, computers, smart tablets, ipads, phones and so on, the idea of it would slowly become more and more normalized. This is the best way to desensitize the general public and alleviate the animosity and hatred towards sexual orientation differences. I believe this would actually help bring a lot of peace. Overall, this may solve the issue towards same sex marriage as it would positively influence the world’s attitudes towards homosexuality and there would be less opposition. But, you can’t change everyone’s opinion: you can only try and present your ideas and hope that it leads to a better future. This idea came to me because I truly think that there is no measure and no difference to love, it is all the same, and therefore no judgment should come of it.



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